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Who We Are: Norbert Koehn

Written by Developer
Wednesday, 10 December 2008 17:02

Born in Germany, Norbert is the founder and artistic driver of SACRED.  He received his Masters in Sculpture from the State Woodcarving School in Oberammergau, Germany, and from the Handwerkskammer fuer Oberbayern in Munich.  Norbert began his career in Germany, working privately with renowned sculptor, Hans Schwaighofer, building props, stage sets, and creating costumes for Oberammergau's Reform Passion Play.  It was this environment that led to Norbert's interest in the Vatican II movement and religious art and history.  Upon arriving in the United States in 1977, he began producing individual works for the liturgical community on a commission basis.  Today, he is an award-winning and nationally renowned sculptor with a thorough understanding of the forces driving today's evolving religious art and design market. He brings an understated sophistication to each project, always resulting in an elegant interpretation of his client's visions.











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