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Tuesday, 11 November 2008 21:06

Read all about it.  We are busy (really busy!!), but want to take this time to show some of our latest works, the clients we are working with, and a snap shot into our process. These images aren't the ones that go in magazines, rather the ones that show you how things happen behind the scenes. 

The Latest:  

"Rememberance" posted: 03 February 2009  

Aaron Koehn's "Rememberance" is featured at the Historic St. Peter Church Gallery.  More info on the  show can be found at Koehnsculptors.com 



"Das Lieben MMX" posted: 03 February 2009  

Norbert Koehn's "Das Lieben MMX" is featured at the Historic St. Peter Church Gallery.  More info on the  show can be found at Koehnsculptors.com

photo-20  photo-19




Kirtland, OH Nativity News Feature posted: 23 December 2009  

Norbert Koehn is featured for his recent Nativity scene that he hand carved in bass wood.  It was displayed in Kirtland, OH 



All Saints Church posted: 16 October 2009  

SACRED designs and creates a crucifix for All Saints Church of Cincinnati, OH using bass wood with cherry cross beams.  Please visit back for updates as this project evolves! 

All Saints Church  All Saints Church_SACRED

SACRED to attend FORMS/REFORM posted: 17 June 2009 


SACRED is proud to announce its attendance at the FORM/REFORM: The National Conference on Environment and Art for Catholic Worship.  More information can be found at: http://www.formreformconference.com/ - If attending, please stop by the the Exhibition and Portfolio Review on July 17 and see some of our exciting work and meet Sasha Koehn, our Creative Director.  We look forward to meeting you! 

St. Ignatius High School: A Sculpture Begins posted: 16 June 2009    

A 2000 pound slab of Indiana Limestone is delivered with the watchful eye of Norbert Koehn.  SACRED has been commissioned by Saint Ignatius High School of Cleveland, OH to create a life-sized statue of St. Isaac Joques, an early Jesuit Saint.  Like all of our sculptures, a scaled model has been made.  Progress on this piece will be posted in the near future.


IMG_5369  IMG_5370 


Spoke in Wood Exhibition posted: 07 June 2009    

A look into the exciting opening night of the Spoke in Wood Exhibition at the Mansfield Art Center, in Mansfield, OH.  The work of Norbert Koehn was featured amongst the work of other artist using wood as a medium.  More information and picture can be found at: https://koehnsculptors.com/symposium/ 

img_51923  img_5250  img_52661

img_51771  img_51821  img_52252

Primatial Staff: Archbishop Robert Duncan  posted: 23 May 2009   

SACRED designs and creates the Primatial Staff for Archbishop Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh, PA. using a beautiful cherry wood finished in selected areas with gold leaf accents. 

img_5107  img_5337

img_5351  img_5361 

New Look for Koehn Sculptors  posted: 27 April 2009   


Koehn Sculptors, the original parent company of SACRED DESIGN GROUP has rebranded and reinvented resulting in new website with exciting interacting features and endless ways for you to interact with our process.  In late 2008, Norbert and son Sasha Koehn formed SACRED to provide a more focused portfolio and service for the worship community.  Prior to this change, Norbert and his wife Victoria have worked as independent sculptors and liturgical consultants since 1978.  

Mother and Child posted: 20 April 2009   

Rarely do we have an opportunity to create our own free works (non-commissioned), but Norbert Koehn of SACRED recently completed his own 'Mother and Child' in an 18" x 24" slab of blue slate and we felt the need to share this piece with you.  The piece was hand chiseled and polished to a mirror like surface on selected areas, showing a fantastic contrast between of texture and color.

This piece has been recently selected for the Ursuline College Religious/Spiritual Art Show.  Please contact us for more information. 


Our Lady of the Elms posted: 14 April 2009   

SACRED created models of what will be 4 statues of different saints in bass wood for Our Lady of the Elms School, Akron, OH.  Like with all our projects, our sculptures are one-of-a-kind, custom made, original pieces.  They require extensive research prior to creating, including, in most cases, scaled models to truly show our clients how the sculpture(s) will reflect in their environments.

img_4969  img_4976 

St. Martin Episcopalian posted: 09 April 2009   

SACRED creates and installs a tabernacle in beautiful mahogany wood for St. Martin Episcopalian, Chagrin Falls, OH. 

cimg50951  cimg5092

Koehn Sculptors on Twitter posted: 24 March 2009  


Koehn Sculptors on Twitter.  Follow all latest projects, news and events of SACRED and Koehn Sculptors on twitter: http://twitter.com/koehnsculptors

Koehn Sculptors on Facebook posted: 20 March 2009  


Koehn Sculptors on Facebook (click here) - Become a fan and follow our story and view selected works from SACRED and KOEHN SCULPTORS 

Church of St. Dominic posted: 01 March 2009 

SACRED creates and installs a crucifix made in walnut wood for Church of St. Dominic, Shaker Heights, OH.

From the Studio  St. Dominic_Norbert_Koehn_Sacred_Design_Group  

st. dominic_norbert_koehn_sacred_design_group  cimg4271

St. Paul's Episcopal Church posted: 25 February 2009 

SACRED creates a Lenten Processional Cross made in rare purple heart wood with glass insert for St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Cleveland Heights, OH.

St. Paul_Norbert_koehn_sacred_design_group  St. Paul   

The Temple-Tifereth Israel posted 27 January 2008
SACRED creates and installs Memorial Light using white oak slats for The Temple - Tifereth Isreal, Beachwood, OH

temple-tifereth_norbert_koehn_sacred_design_group  cimg4914 

St. Martin Episcopalian posted 23 December 2007

SACRED creates and installs cross made in beautiful mahogany wood for St. Martin Episcopalian, Chagrin Falls, OH. 

st. martin_norbert_koehn_sacred_design_group  st. martin_norbert_koehn_sacred_design_group_1

st. martin_norbert_koehn_sacred_design_group_3  st. martin_norbert_koehn_sacred_design_group 

St. Brendan posted 20 November 2008

SACRED created and installs "Mary, Disciple of Hope," a hand-chiseled, 7' original statue made from Indiana limestone, weighing over 1,400 pounds for St. Brendan, Youngstown, OH. Mary's halo has a field of stars that ties into the symbolism of St. Brendan, parish patron, who navigated the stars.  Mary is also holding a bouquet of calla lilies, flowers of our time and symbolism of purity and fidelity.


st. brendan_norbert_koehn_sacred_design_group_2  st. brendan_norbert_koehn_sacred_design_group

st. brendan_norbert_koehn_sacred_design_group  st. brendan_norbert_koehn_sacred_design_group_4  

SACRED is born!! posted 01 November 2008

Norbert and son Sasha of KOEHN SCULPTORS form subsidiary, SACRED DESIGN GROUP, to provide a more focused and dynamic approach to the worship community.  With over 30 years of successful business in the religious art, design, and consulting sector, we are very excited to offer this complete portfolio and services to our clients.

For more information on the following projects or our process, please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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